Online Cosmetic Tattooing Academy

Who Is Your Instructor?

Savannah Kondratyev is known in the beauty industry as an innovator. Her flawless work in cosmetic lip tattooing has made her one of USA's top artists. Her incredible method for creating lip blush tattoos based on each client's individual needs has artists from all over the world asking, "How does she do it?!"

This course was created to help artists all over create amazing lip blush tattoos. Wether you are a new artist or an experienced cosmetic tattooer, there is something in this course for you. Grow your skill set today, and create healed results you are proud to show off! Savannah will walk you through her step by step process of creating perfect Lip Blush Tattoos. You will be guided through Savannah's techniques, and also learn additional information like how to market yourself and make your work stand out and be seen!